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  • I’ve had an older Celeron NUC and still have a 3rd Gen i5 unit which is a (seldom used now) media PC. Both have run Linux Mint at various stages of theor life with no issues. I think you will be fine. I can’t remember if the I/R receiver works in Linux but doesn’t sound like you need it.

  • It would be mainly browsing and office based tasks. Maybe some encoding overnight (I currently have the Pi download me some Youtube videos with youtube-dl overnight and then encode them to MP3 to listen to) but as the Pi does that, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be able to do the same.

    I found the Celeron based machines just a bit to slow for day…[Read more]

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic Experience with Intel NUC's? in the forum PC Talk 3 hours ago

    The i3 that you link to is some 25% more powerful than the Core m3 in my Chromebook, I’ve had no issues playing any Android game on my Chromebook so as long as you’re not trying anything unrealistic with it it should be fine.

    That’s exactly the kind of thing that I’ll be looking at in a while to replace my little Dell media box.

  • I’m looking at getting a new rig for purely Linux use – it would replace my Pi-Hole and would be a day to day desktop. I was considering an Intel NUC – this i3 powered one though I have recently seen this Ryzen box advertised on eBuyer which might be better as it comes with Ubuntu installed anyhow.

    Any thoughts on the NUC or the NUC and Linux?…[Read more]

  • D-Dan replied to the topic Mate 20 Pro in the forum Android Talk 21 hours, 43 minutes ago

    I pre-ordered the same one on Friday – so hoping for the bundle package, too. I have an ETA of Friday, and since the offer is “While stocks last”, guess what I’ll be doing after Friday beers.

    Oh, and I’m a Holo Launcher man myself, though I have the paid for version, which has a little more than the free one.

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