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  • The Duke replied to the topic Windows Tablet in the forum PC Talk 38 minutes ago

    By linking Bob just means you gan log into Gmail on any device and your done. There is linking, you just sign in. If on android, download the app, if on Windows download chrom and sign in.

    If you download Google’s Office apps on your tablet /phone, you will get full access to all your docs and stiff on a pc, when you sign into chrome. As all…[Read more]

  • A feminist boards a bus and an old man gets up. “Sit down you misogynistic old fart” she says and pushes him down.

    At the next stop another woman gets on and the old guy gets up again. “Patronising old git!” says this one and he is shoved back down.

    At yet another stop several women get on and the old man gets up again. “Sexist old swine!” says…[Read more]

  • I thought that was just me Ed, glad someone else feels that way. A nice cool blue is a soothing colour. My favourite colour is Royal Blue, closely followed by Magenta. But they would be inappropriate and irritating on a website, for me.

  • Notts:

    ‘er legs is like sparrers kneecaps!”  (She is a very thin young lady)

    “Yer dunt get many o’ them ter t’ pahnd!”  (She is a very well-endowed lady)

    ” ‘E’s a tanner short uv arf a crahn!”  (He appears to be lacking in intelligence)

  • johnbarry replied to the topic Windows Tablet in the forum PC Talk 6 hours, 35 minutes ago

    Thanks Duke

    Had a look (on ebay) at Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 12 i5-5200U 2.7GHz see if I can get some ebay sales to up my limit.

    Thanks VFM
    That’s a point about size anything bigger than a tablet (8″ is better but Windows only come in 10″ +)
    I like the smallness for a second, anything bigger I have a Desktop, it’s to use in my armchair and too much…[Read more]

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