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  • For completeness regarding the above and to explain what I meant by an agent of government rather than a government agency, the ONS is the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority.   It is a non-ministerial department that whilst being independent of any current government is funded by the state and reports directly to parliament.   Its rel…[Read more]

  • By chance, Ed, you touch on something I have some knowledge of when you talk of post employment restraints.    One often sees such clauses for example where one must not work for a competitor for x number of months after leaving.    Those restraints are almost always unenforceable and are usually when tested held to be unlawful.

    However the post…[Read more]

  • Ed P replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 8 hours, 25 minutes ago

    During the period I was travelling a lot in China titles were important. CEO, COO, and President were about as low as you could go if you wanted to meet people capable of making decisions. Never did make an Asian President, but I had a raft of Chief this, Head/Director of that titles. My only President title was in Africa where it really did not…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic St George's Day in the forum Other Politics 10 hours, 39 minutes ago

    A follower here, not a leader. How about Dynatron? They made a few long low wide things. Most of the setmakers (Ferguson, HMV, Marconi (all the same lot), Murphy and of course Pye/Philips.

    I bought my first Stereo gram in 1967, a German NordMende. It knocked spots of all the British sets I compared it with in the local shops. Early days of Radio…[Read more]

  • LOL……. you are indeed out of touch as you most graciously admit, Bob.   ChangeUK have been having to deselect candidates hand over fist.   Yesterday, or was it the day before, they had to unceremoniously remove another, Joseph Russo, the CUK-TIG candidate for Scotland.   He had tweeted that “black women scare me” and that he was once “chased…[Read more]

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