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  • Cloudy am, sunny after lunch, 12ºC. Putting in a fancy new wavy white edging border on the tiny front garden plot when a party of nubile young ladies walked by, almost dressed in short summer gear. Got a smile and a hello from all, cheered me up until one said “Can you get up alright, Mister?”

    Finished, yes girls, managed to get up OK (with the…[Read more]

  • The other area where my Uncle used to graft money was room hire. He had nearly every society and group booked in as regulars, from Masonic Wives through to Rosicrucians and the Grand Old Order of the Buffalo. It was what he called his Winter Warmers, as mandated hours of opening were fixed in those days 10am through 3pm, and 6pm through 10:30pm,…[Read more]

  • So your working the bar? Oh, and I forgot to ask, is it a tall  bar? 🤔

  • Got all that covered ed. From next week I’m officially a member of the pub watch peeps.

    In regards to oping hours, it’s all done via temporary events notices, (Tens), as we have defacto 24h drinking, though kerbed on 2006, you have a set oping time, you put on yourself, (due to certain giudlines) mine is 11am-12-30am, if I want to open later, I…[Read more]

  • I just thought of a cunning wheeze.

    I Mrs May was really a leaver , and she wanted to go out with a bang, she could take the MP’s decision to take control of parliament as a vote of no confidence in the government. She could then call a general election and ask the Queen to dissolve  parliament.

    There wouldn’t be anyone in the house to stop us…[Read more]

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