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  • Ed P replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 28 minutes ago

    I’m afraid VFM that all this talk of trade omits the one major factor. You have to have a product that people want to buy. Germany has about four times the export trade to China that we do,

    In 2016 Germany exported $1.25T, making it the 3rd largest exporter in the world, and I seem to remember that Germany is in the EU!

    We would be a lot better…[Read more]

  • When I did a lot of travelling to god-forsaken countries the best passport to have was an Irish one as holders of this nationality rarely had airport problems unlike Brits and ex-colonies with chips on their shoulder.

    All this Brexit carp makes me wonder if it is worthwhile looking at one grandfather who was born in Cork, but heaven knows how you…[Read more]

  • I don’t know about carpet, but these work for pictures and remove very cleanly if required.

    They work by sticking one pad to one surface and the other to the object to be fixed. They work by a velcro-type pad on each sticky.

    They say for ‘smooth surfaces’ so I would permanently glue one side of the pad to the carpet using fabric glue or similar.…[Read more]

  • I know a few folks will baulk at the site this article appeared on but nonetheless it is an interesting consideration of Thatcher’s position on Free Trade and the EU.

  • We still get letters for Clwyd, from the water and council,its never need Clwyd since we moved here almost 20 years ago.youd think the council at the least would of sorted that by now.

    Speaking of passports. Entering eng from calais this summer, they was more lax than ever before. My wife held up the passports, all open and stacked as you do, the…[Read more]

  • The description says 2.4 A.

    I have one running a Pi Hole and another a Ubiquiti controller, both on 24 /7. The Pi Hole is in trouble but that looks like the SD card as mentioned before. Most of the Amazon reviews are from folk running Pi.

  • Les, what a PITA. Lets hope this fun doesn’t await us in 6 months time.

    I’m quite happy organising our own travel in the EU but outside I’ll leave it to the experts. Two of my kids did a 3 week tour of eastern Europe in August. No visas required but once outside the EU things like mobile data got complicated and expensive. It’s the first time…[Read more]

  • there are all sort of gotchas with visas. We were pretty experienced travellers because when we worked, we holidayed three or four times a year. Trade went quiet during the school holidays when our customers deserted London for the country ( or another country.)

    We were going to Thailand for the second or third time as we loved it there. On this…[Read more]

  • One more thing, if you take selfies, (I don’t personally) the P20p is the worst phone I’ve had the (dis) pleasure of using. It’s ‘beauty’ mode can’t be fully turned off, and I doubt the P20 is any differnt.

    Full is, full on plastic face, and off is the sky sports 1 inch of foundation look. It’s just wrong. I always thought it would be fixed with…[Read more]

  • The wife has the P20, and tbh the camera isn’t all that on it. It’s not bad, but I don’t think it’s that special either, next to the P20p. I’ve not tested the honour 10, and don’t even know which is the more expensive one, I’m guessing the honour is the cheaper though.

    There must be a hat full do P20 v h10 review out there. If there is 200…[Read more]

  • Here’s a better view of the slots


  • Tippon replied to the topic P20 or Honor 10? in the forum Android Talk 10 hours, 57 minutes ago

    If you’re on Twitter, it might be worth asking @PaulOBrien from Modaco. He’s tested them both recently 🙂

  • Tippon replied to the topic Cheap wifi cards? in the forum PC Talk 11 hours, 1 minute ago

    That would be brilliant Dan, thanks 🙂

    If it’s there, let me know what you want for it, and for postage 👍

  • No I thought it was something about the pound being so dodgy at the time that the government guaranteed sterling on the foreign exchange markets but didnt do the same for the cash in your pocket. A lot of fuss was made at the time about having pounds sterling. Was there any other kind ?

  • Whew, what a palava.

    Tamara has a half sister she has never met, and she located her a couple of years ago in the states, New England if my geography is correct. Anyway, she is visiting her, left on the 4th, returns tomorrow/Friday.

    I have not flown since I attended a conference in Rimini 1975, and that was organised by the company. OK, I know…[Read more]

  • Success. Just browsing Ebay for RAM a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a couple of 2GB sticks of RAM that looked OK at a very reasonable price, so I took a punt. When they arrived, they looked OK, Kingston and correct details on sticks. Installed, computer goes once more into a 100% sulk. I reported this to the seller, who asked which RAM I had in…[Read more]

  • My old man (dad to those younger ones who don’t get that) was born out of his time. Born in ’37, but a lifelong lover of Al Jolson. Similarly, I was born out of time, and despite being a baby boomer of ’64, my first love has always been the 50s. As a teenager, I sported an immaculate, greased quiff (remember hair?), and when I married, I did so in…[Read more]

  • Good call, Dave, I may have to test one of those. Do you know whether it delivers the required 2.5 amps? Pi will run on 2amps, but it’s not ideal.

  • I use these to get data and power to my Pi machines from a PoE switch. At £8 a lot cheaper than a hat and works with all the Pi models, and anything else powered via 5v micro USB.

  • Well, for the moment, the NFS drives are connected to a 3B. The other three are 3B+, but this was in anticipation of populating the 3B+s with PoE hats. However, fortunately, I just bought one PoE hat as a test, and it’s since been found that, except with very low powered USB devices, there’s a serious problem with PoE in that it frequently…[Read more]

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