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  • The Duke replied to the topic Peter Crouch book in the forum Football 2 hours, 48 minutes ago

    Thanks Bob, I have this strange rule, I don’t want want to meet or read anthyng about any “hero’s” of mines. Its why I avoid alot of the sit down dinners we get invited to. My lad (just gone Oz to live) wousl always take my place.

    I have little interest in them at a human level. Too scared they will be dicks.

  • I’m not giving trump any credit. If anything its thd oppersite. Working on the advice of his security people, they are saying we will lose assess to spying if this Chinese company get a match on us. So it’s span as Chinese can possible spy on you…. Not hauwei have a technology that stops us spying on you

    Also trump can play the bring it home…[Read more]


    Bob have you been watching good omens

  • Be a long time before 5g gets anywhere near the sticks here, if ever. We would just like to begin with 2g, or any bloody signal! EE are currently working to rebuild the local mast, which is supposed to have been done “Within 8 to 10 working days.” They must work a 2 day week, that period of 5 day working days was up last week.

    At least I have the…[Read more]

  • Better than tiss tiss BOOM!!!

  • JayCeeDee wrote:

    Please tell me you haven’t clicked on it yet!!

    JB hasn’t been back, I fear the worst. John, if you read this and your system is OK, put us out of our misery and tell us you didn’t click on it.

  • I’ve read a lot of sports bio’s, mostly football. I have almost a library of Forest books, all signed by the players, going back years to the early sixties. Wouldn’t say any of those are bad, but some of the others were. One of the best I read was Jimmy Case, another former Liverpool player and one that no one in his day wanted to be tackled by.…[Read more]

  • Thanks Dave – the “wedge” and a pair of hands turned up. I’ve got it mounted and temporarily connected to power – will wire it in to a garage socket tomorrow/Monday once I’ve picked up some trunking. They recommend mounting them at 4ft high which looks a bit odd next to the door but seems about right for the video coverage. Tested the audio and…[Read more]

  • Steve, you are crediting the so called USA leader with the capability to think. His prime motivation is to clamp the Chinese without thinking about anything else. Of course, he ignored Cisco’s holed below the water line software security, though they are not in the 5g race anyway so perhaps they should be ignored rather than get deployed anywhere…[Read more]

  • So the politicians warn us of 5G being used for spying and the snooping agencies complain it can’t be used for that purpose. Can’t have it both ways. It was always bollocks when Trump said he would lift the ban if the Chinese played ball on trade.

    I’ve always said it’s the Americans and UK politicians we have to watch, not the Chinese or Russians.

  • I am impressed by the Reolink Argus but would still use a Hikvision camera unless there were cabling issues. In those circumstances the solar makes perfect sense as you’ll never have to worry about charging / changing the battery.

    However they’re simple to remove from the standard mount which means putting up high or on a 3rd party mount, both of…[Read more]

  • Thanks Dave & Richard. Still waiting for an extra pair of hands – and also delivery of a “wedge” to adjust the angle of the doorbell (improvised one yesterday which worked well with double sided tape). The footage from the Ring Pro does look very good- even at night. Hadn’t considered lighting and its been overcast here since I got it, so will…[Read more]

  • Lighting is very important and usually the last thing people think about. My door’s south facing so anything pointing straight out, like a Ring, risks getting the sun straight down the barrel. My CCTV camera is mounted above the garage, so further along the wall you can see, and even though it’s angled downwards can suffer from flare for 30…[Read more]

  • This Gizmodo artical goes along way to givinijg weight to my opinion on why the Americans don’t want hauweis version of 5G hitting the market years before the US (or anyone else) has a fully working system. Cos they can’t sky on it.

    The public reasoning that it’s cos china posinaly could is BS, and the artical just highlights…[Read more]

  • Dave, that was a very much better and clearer image than the one provided by our neighbour. It provides a very good example of what the device can show, however, it is well and very evenly lit.

    Was this a ‘happy accident’ relating to the alignment of your property and front door, or the result of careful planning and research?

  • The Duke replied to the topic Peter Crouch book in the forum Football 18 hours, 50 minutes ago

    I’m not a fan of sports bios but this is on the wife’s lists.

    I like PC and he always comes a cross as a nice guy and funny. The past 12 months he has been doing alot of shows and pod casts, he actually hots his own, it’s on the iplayer/BBC. Iirc it’s called Nice touch for a big lad. I’ve not listened to it, but heard good reviews.

  • It’s not a doorbell and doesn’t need to be. As they approach the existing doorbell they will trigger the motion detection.The motion detection pushes an alarm to your mobile device. This is how Ring works as well.

    I tested it on my house before installing at the customers. This guy hadn’t rung the doorbell yet.

    This is on it’s normal mount. At…[Read more]

  • Had a funny tiss tiss tiss noise in one of my Mini’s once. The engine started to run rough too.

    Turns out the over flow hose had come off the carb float chamber at some point and now the float valve had got stuck so petrol was dripping straight onto the exhaust manifold. Tiss tiss tiss 😮

  • A very funny book by a very funny guy: “How Not To Be A Footballer”. The whole book is FAF, I could not put it down. Some really good football stories about players, managers and club officials.

    Steve, his hero is Steven Gerrard – and they are the same age. The last chapter is all about Stevie G.

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