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  • johnbarry replied to the topic Ebay sale query in the forum PC Talk 17 minutes ago

    Thanks Bob

    I know I never had invoices, bank details, credit card details, I did have login ID and passwords, list of names but they were all jumbled.

    Then comes the size of the data has been put on a CD to send back to me (waiting for my address) yet it is said to be over 100GB that would take a lot of CDs.

    This backup drive did have 100+GB on…[Read more]

  • Dave Rice replied to the topic PWM vs DC in the forum PC Talk 46 minutes ago

    Windows 1909 installed spectacularly quickly. Got all the basic utilities on then installed StoreMI.

    As you can see from the pic below it appears to set up a 3rd drive which is the sum total of the two real drives and this is what Windows writes to. StoreMI then decides if a particular block needs to be fast or slow. I also set up the 2GB memory…[Read more]

  • Wish I needed one mate! Have one – best streaming device hands down – mine has never played a game! If anyone is in any doubt this is a superb way to get “proper” Android TV. If I didn’t already have this exact bundle I’d bite your hand off at this price. If none of us on here bite I’m sure you’d beat the CEX offer on ebay – even with a short “buy…[Read more]

  • Bob Williams replied to the topic Ebay sale query in the forum PC Talk 2 hours, 6 minutes ago

    John, when you originally bought that drive yourself, was it bought new by you? or was it used?

    I ask because if it was bought second hand by you, the data that the seller describes could belong to someone else entirely. This bit worries me:

    The data was said to be letters, invoices, bank details, credit card details. Details of login ID and…[Read more]

  • It was ported a while ago, but flakey at best (I tried it). Raspbian is just fine, since it’s officially supported.

    But thanks for the thought.

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