Corona Virus

Corona Virus, Covid-19, Coronavirus, (2019-nCOV)

Corona Virus, Covid-19, Coronavirus, (2019-nCOV)

I will add to this as the shit hits the fan. I have had a few sherberts tonight but I will do my best to explain a few things and what as changed on Forumite:

Firstly and formost is the new membership pricing. This, on further thought was a bad time to introduce it. None the less I need to fund the site. However, restricting those who want info, or discuss the virus should be allowed to do so for free. You may be self isolating or unsure, so restricting people from having a natter using forumite is not going to sit well with me considering how much forumites have helped me the past year “To this exact date as it happens”. You still need to choose a membership level when asked. Choose the one labled Corona virus or the like. This will give you two days membership. You can select option as many times as you like. But let’s be clear! This is only for those affected by corona virus or who want to discus it.

Secondly I would like “hopefully” 2 people to post upto date corona virus news through out the day on a regular basis from news site’s. I’ll explain more later on this. I can not offer very much incentive for this other than 6 month’s free subscription. PM or comment me below if intrested.

There is more to come on Saturday Morning.

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  1. Bob Williams

    Great work Lee, thanks, exactly what was needed. I may not be here a lot as I am deep into packing for the move and still trying to contact organisations, but will still be taking quick peeks offline with the tablet. Anything further than that, I will make time to go online.

  2. TCBarrett

    It’s like a little island of humanity here, well done.

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