How To Register – Please Read

Welcome To Forumite. A unique social and forum based website derived from members of the dear departed MicroMart.

Forumite was created as a new home for members of MM who wanted to continue to chat with other members in the traditional forum style. Although Forumite is much more than this now this is the main area for conversation, help & advice.

It is in my opinion a close knit community “New Members Always Welcome”. It is usually a friendly place “Brexit posts Excluded” and the Moderators and Admin like to keep it this way.

Facebook or Twitter type silliness is not welcome what-so-ever, nor are poor and obvious spam users or there content. Bad language, nasty comments or any mentions of illegal activity will not be tolerated.

As the Admin of Forumite I want to keep the site a safe and respectable place to be. In this day an age this is a difficult process for one man and his cat to keep on top off. With hundreds of spammers and no gooders trying to infiltrate the site every day I have decided to go to manual registration.

This means you can not just walk in off the street, register and start posting. All new members will be manually added going forward. There will be a small one-off £5 fee. This is payable via PayPal by clicking the join button. This helps me determine if you are serious about joining in with our community or if you are here just to spam us. It also helps towards the cost of running Forumite and keeping the administrators cat’s in well deserved treats.

Before you join please be advised that it is recommanded you only register if you are:

Over the age of 20
Are UK Based
And can follow the rules

Join Forumite with a one off payment of £5
Your Email Address: