Forumite Forum Rules & Guidelines

You will find below a set of rules and guidelines to follow while using forumite. These rules and guide lines are here to help you and others enjoy the forumite experience. These are simple enough to follow. Not following them may result in:

Point’s deducted from a users forumite coin collection

Named and Shamed and your profile image changed to something me “RSB” chooses for 1 week

A removal of the users post

A temporary ban

A permanent ban

Rules & Guide Lines

First and Foremost Important Rules!

1. Topic Titles

Please type topic titles as you would if you were to search for the topic title in google. For example if it’s a computer or part issue include a Brand, model number and the problem. Bad example “PI”. Good example is “Dell m770-45 will not power on after update”.

2. Going off topic

This is a difficult one considering forumite’s background but do please keep topics on track for at least a few pages 🙂 . I f you are eager to go off topic start a new thread and link back to the on topic thread if you must. Keep in mind rule 1.

3. Classifieds

If you are selling or giving something away please use the classifieds section found here. Like the forums it’s free. You can how ever link to your newly created classified add from the forum.

4. Links

No links to your business website until you have reached 100 posts “Topics or Replies” and only then under the following rules. 1. Your Business is in the forumite business directory “Like The forum & Classifieds also free to use” and 2. Your business relates to the topic. 3. It’s a UK business.

5. Advertising

Please see rule 4. No self advertising in forums or signature area without permission from me “RSB”.

6. Events

Only post event’s in the events area and what’s on section. “Like the forum, classifieds and business directory this is free to use”. You can then link to it from the forum.

7. Manners

All posts should be respectful, considerate and polite. If you do not agree with someone then put your thoughts across in a calm and respectful manner. If this is not an option please use the forum for advice on anger management.

8. Copyright and Illegal content

This will not be tolerated. Any and all posts containing links or references to copyright and illegal material will be deleted and may incur a temporary or permanent ban. This includes bent software, ripped music or video’s and links to poor quality football and other sporting streams and anything else I believe may bring forumite in to disrepute. Keep it clean and safe, It’s not facebook!