Reply To: Three 4G HomeFi

Dave Rice
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Like anything delivered over the air it’s probably got a lot to do with location. Not just the physical location of the receiver vs the transmitter but the transmitter at that location.

We’re using ours all the time now and I’ve only had an extreme slow down once (but speeds vary during the day), that was when Netflix got the hump but a speed test immediately after wasn’t that bad.

My Ubiquiti cloud controller alerts me if it loses touch with any AP and that’s only happened twice, once here and once at a customer site. Both outages were only one heartbeat cycle.

It’s going to be good enough for me to ditch the landline when the time comes and I still have plenty of tweaking left to do with regards kit and location in the loft. However I still believe that it’s going to take 5G to do this effectively for the masses.