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Bob Williams
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Lee that is what I wanted to do in my late 50’s when both myself and my missus were registered disabled in turn. I was fit enough to handle that at the time and I had a payoff that would have bought a decent boat. We looked like losing the house until the payoff came through and we hated living where we were anyway, so I said why not: peace and quiet, go where we want, do what we want. SWMBO would not hear of it and we struggled on, eventually losing money on the sale of the house and moving here to a rental in Lincs. Of course it will be much easier now, with 4G everywhere: I had not even handled a computer then. But I closed the door on it, even though I occasionally feel that I have ‘missed the boat’ – pun intended!

If you can make it work, and you think you would like the life, go for it. Just remember that it can be cold in winter, surrounded by water that in a bad winter may be ice. Make sure you have a boat that is well insulated.

And remember that cats do not like the water!

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