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As long as you are prepared to actually give the cat a bath, should it go for a swim. Canals are mostly still water, full of pollutants and weird bacteria. BUT it may be that canals, rivers and ponds are actually healthier than at first thought: they are full of antibiotics! –

My old Romany gran had a huge black, homicidal tomcat that was almost feral, used to leave for up to a week and return stinking and filthy, no doubt having fathered more kittens on the way. (Gran would not have him doctored: when dad mentioned it she said “Oi’ll do yours first!”)

She would grab the tom with both hands in gardening gloves and dump him in the sink, scrubbing away. The noise was horrendous, but the cat was smelling much better. It hid under the table afterwards, spitting and yowling, until it remembered that it had not been fed. Same cat was responsible for next door’s dog’s death. Cat was chased up a wall by the dog and just sat there, waiting. Next time the dog came out, Tom jumped on his back, fastened his teeth in the dog’s neck and sank his claws into the dog’s face, ripping half the dog’s face off. Dog was put to sleep, Tom went walk about for another week.

Never wanted to stroke that Tom…

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