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56′ If I remember correctly. It was up at 23’000 so I suspect it whent for 19 maybe less. I dont want anything over 60′ as I want to do the entire network appart from a few obscure off branches. A 60 footer I would have to put in locks on a skew on a few canals including the ones near me so I dont sink the thing by catching it on the ledge.

Absolutely – we were young and naiive, so went big!! It was a 60’er and we had problems in some locks, but also some of the docks and ‘turnaround’ points made that a problem too.😕 Reversing was a dark art for the inexperienced!!

Luckily we went round the Staffordshire Ring, on the Staffs and Worcester, Trent and Mersey and Grand Union, iirc., so turning was not so vital!!