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JayCeeDee, if you used the Trent and Mersey, you will have come past the house I was born in. Barlaston, N.Staffs. I was always playing by “The Cut” as a kid, fell in once at about 4 years, but my brother grabbed my foot and pulled me out. Off home and in the bath.

About one mile north of us was the Lock keeper’s house. A Mr. Moran. Twin daughters a few years older than me.  Pat and Maureen. When I was maybe 8 years, I used to “help” him. He had “company transport”, a small barge for maintenance purposes. No horse, he pulled it himself. I was tasked with holding the tiller, and ensuring he kept a straightish line.  So if any body needs “steering tuition”, don’t ask me.

Two years ago, I visited the old house, asking if I could have a photo taken outside, just over 70 years after the one of my mother, father, sister and an auntie. I was invited in, but declined. I was of course able to fill him in on the history of the place, former owners (we rented it) and where the various boundaries were. My mother used to rent a piece of ground from the nearby Pub, but I suspect as time went on, they lost track of it. Another neighbour to him now seems to have taken ownership.

But I am reminiscing again, time to stop.