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Bob Williams
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First video I agree with the guy, the woman should have her dogs on leads, because she obviously had no control over them. I have, until the last 10 years or so, always had dogs, usually GSD’s, but I trained them properly including contact with cats and teaching them to ignore cats altogether.

Second video I think as you do that there is another story behind his words: he avoids looking at the camera and is obviously looking for a way to make the story fit his ideas of what happened. After a kicking like that, with bad head injuries and obvious concussion, he would have no idea about what really happened. I was trained to look for body and facial language and he is either lying a bit or making stuff up. But it was a bad attack and I think if he had given a statement to the police, in such a rural area they would have had some idea of the kind of people who might be responsible. That’s why his story does not hang together.

Don’t blame you for avoiding pub crawls. There were incidents when I was younger, but today these people think nothing of a mob attack from behind. Townies have this idea that in the country it’s all peaceful with no violence, but it is just not true, it’s just that there are much fewer people so less incidents, but the bad buggas are just as bad as townies.

There were 9 of us when I was pub crawling at weekends in 60’s Mansfield, all the pit village young lads used to congregate in Mansfield and it was tribal. Certain villages used to fight each other on sight and the Market Place was always full of the biggest coppers they had. One Saturday night our resident nutter decided to shoulder charge a lad from another village, because he only saw a few lads with him. Around the corner were another dozen or so and it was mayhem. I got a black eye and my new jacket ripped, which turned on my temper. I wound up getting arrested, in pokey for the night with another 20 or so and let out without charge. Next week I found a gf and stopped pub crawling.

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