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@jayceedee This is why I will avoid pub crawls. It’s somewhat heartbreaking but there is a niggling doubt in my head that more happened than is mentioned.

Or………………more gets mentioned that you’re in no position to deny – a state I used to be in regularly on some of the BT p*ss ups we went on. I remember one time, we lived opposite Hornsey Fire Station and after a session, I came around to the bus driver shaking me, saying that they had done the whole route twice, there and back, and which one stop was mine!!! I mumbled “Fire Station” and when we got back there, he called me, and saw me off the bus and I headed home!!

Head..(ache)..y days!! And I’m still enough of a hypocrite to moan at my son when he says he’s under the weather after a session!! although he prefers either cocktails or Japanese whisky so he’d skint himself first before doing any permanent damage.