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Bob Williams
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Thanks guys, better late than never!😁 Been alternating between packing stuff for the move and attempting to inform various organisations about the move. What an unholy nightmare that is. Example:

County Council says they must be informed about any move. I had already informed the District Council, so managed to access County after they threw me out 3 times, then accepted same password I had given 3 times! Informed them by email from their own site, reply was that I have to inform District, not them. Which I had already done. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had worked in a County Council environment, and understood the lack of joined-up thinking, I could have been annoyed.

The next worst body was Plusnet. My degraded hearing means that I really struggle with phone conversations now, much prefer text or email. Tried to find a way to do this and it was seemingly not available, until I found “Accessibility” at the very bottom, in tiny script. I registered myself as having hearing difficulties and managed to get through to them. It also appears that their once really good ‘Chatline’ has gone to pot, it’s been offline every time I tried to use it.

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