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You are right re the paper masks.   As for the vented masks the purpose of the vent is to allow one’s vapour laden exhaled breath to be despatched out of the mask such that the mask doesn’t become slowly drenched.

If one is going for a vented mask then ignore the ones rated FFP1 they only protect against large particles.   FFP2 and FFP3 do appear capable in studies of reducing the risk of virus being inhaled; although they are not a cast iron guarantee.   Personally I’m happy to take a hit in my wallet for any edge I can get.   Although to be honest I bought most of mine weeks ago once it became obvious to me where this was going and hence before the profiteering went to after burners and sky rocketed the prices.    I did advise in the Coronavirus thread others to do the same at that time.

I’ve said it before and I suspect I’ll say it again before this is all over; wearing a mask without also wearing goggles is a strategy that has something of the Maginot Line about it.   That is to say a good defence in the south but door wide open to the north (one’s eyes).   Goggles haven’t gone up in price.  You can get them anywhere in most hardware outlets less than £2 and they will fit over spectacles.

AFAIK Selco stocks of masks are still holding up so if you want FFP2 or FFP3 rated masks I’d try them.   And they have not pumped their prices up either.

I truly think that as usual men will be slower to act than women and will be late adopters of masks and goggles for fear of looking silly.   It is not uncommon for men to leave it too late in medical matters for such reasons.   That’s why prostate cancer kills more than it should.   Act early and the chances of straying around are far, far better.


During the Covid-19 Epidemic I will be wearing a mask and goggles while posting so that if I become infected I won't spread it to you.