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I favour incompetence theory over conspiracy theory every time.

That said, to me there is growing evidence that HMG might have concluded that ultimately this virus cannot be contained therefore far better to let it run its course as quickly as possible and hence take a short sharp hit to GDP rather than a slow protected one.

There are no plans to start to restrict large congregations of people.   No plans to close schools leaving open not merely the possibility of the virus spreading in children but, especially in respect of primary schools, huge contagion opportunities during the long parents chats at the school gates at going home time.   The WHO is clear that growth within families has been the main driver of this epidemic.

I see nothing in HMG’s plans that is convincing that HMG is wholeheartedly seeking to prevent onward transmission.   Their position on masks is totally inconsistent with such claimed strategy.

All of us here and all medical authorities concur that masks reduce the chances of the infected infecting others.    It this is so then the logical containment strategy is to make mask wearing compulsory.     Indeed, China is of the opinion that compulsory mask wearing which was introduced before the virus had a stranglehold on cities other than Wuhan, where it had exploded before masks became compulsory, has played major part in ensuring spread was less outside Wuhan.

The basic paper masks are not of a kind that hospital staff will wear.   They need better masks.  Therefore making paper masks compulsory in the community does not jeopardise necessary medical supplies.    Paper masks are so easy to produce we could be producing millions a day in the UK within a week if HMG had the will to do so; and selling them for peanuts.

I say again the no masks message is so totally inconsistent with HMG’s declared commitment to containment and that it must surely raise doubts about the depth of their containment commitment.

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During the Covid-19 Epidemic I will be wearing a mask and goggles while posting so that if I become infected I won't spread it to you.