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Re your last two posts, Lee – If even you can’t know for certain what amount will be needed (and I mean subs not beers…… LOL) then I have even less chance of knowing what amount will be right.

It occurs to me that if you think that you may need to review the cost of subs in a month or two then you’ll get in one heck of a mess with annual subscribers.    I therefore suggest that if anything you load the subs above that which you currently think you need (e.g. make it £5 a month) and you can always offer a discount to yearly subscribers at renewal time if it turns out you loaded it too heavily versus what turned out to be the actual need.    Hope I’ve explained that well enough.    Golden rule re human nature– Charge £5 a month or £60 per annum and if you later find you can drop it to less everyone feels happy.    Charge £4.50 a month or £54 pa and then very quickly increase it and the reverse of a happy feeling usually results.    I don’t think that would be the case in this forum given that most are understanding but one never really knows.


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