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On reading his manual, it seems there is a network connection under a not yet knocked out knock out. But then he remembered he had an old laptop with accessible socket. His comments:–

”      An update, of sorts. It occurred to me that I had an old laptop lying around that used to run the internet via cable so, rather than faff about with access panels on the PC, I dusted the laptop off and plugged it into the router. Surprise! Exactly the same symptoms as the PC so it clearly wasn’t interference between the router and the PC that was causing the problem. Armed with this information I had a spirited conversation with MT who have finally conceded that it is a contention issue. Of course , they don’t have any immediate way of dealing with it and were less than impressed with my suggestion that I should only be paying 50% of the monthly charge as I can only use their service for 50% of the time. Apparently their technical people are now “looking into it” – whatever that means.     ”

I have suggested he goes into their showroom and make loud noises. Then demand a free “Mobile sim and dongle” to restore paid for access.

If no satisfactory result, cancel the whole damn shebang, land line included, and get a SURE sim instead. If they want their router back, I have a good spare worker here.

He sends his thanks for your replies.