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Bob Williams
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Like PM, I cannot use soap or gels, I have had a non-infectious/non-contagious dermatological condition since hitting puberty.*  I was diagnosed in circa 1982 by a dermatologist in Nottingham QMC, as suffering from a bug resident in lymph glands which could not be killed. He took samples, checked and sent them off to (iirc) Charing Cross as the centre for tropical disease at that time. Apparently the bug chooses hair follicles as a nice warm growth medium and I have millions of those, being part-Neanderthal.

The derma guy prescribed washing my whole body in Hibiscrub, which is the pink stuff that surgical teams scrub up with. Until I began using it, I had been suffering regular outbreaks of boils and carbuncles, usually started by the work I did in aircraft and motor engineering. A hair follicle would become infected and I had the most gruesome objects erupt from hands and arms, (even my knuckles and backs of my hands are hairy) sometimes causing the temporary loss of use in a limb or hand. From then on, I have never had a bath, only a daily shower, head to toe, as recommended by the Sri Lankan Dermatologist. I have never had another problem and I can get through 5 litres of the stuff about every two or three weeks, as I have to wash my hands with it. I can wash hands in an alcohol- based scrub at, says the GP, but only occasionally as it dries up and cracks my skin.

I have asked my GP about Covid-19 and washing. His advice is that Hibiscrub will work better than any antibacterial gel, and to use alcohol if possible where I don’t have Hibiscrub.

*Yes I can remember it, although it is over 6 decades ago! The memory of all those monster skin eruptions is still with me. It caused me a great deal of embarrassment at times too.

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