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Ed P
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In the Middle East moonshine stills could result in quite dire penalties, and were easily recognised by the religious police. The most desperate alcoholics used something else which was both harder to detect and potentially near lethal. They first made raisin wine, then froze it in trays in their freezer. Once frozen they carefully took off the layer of ice from the top, leaving the liquid alcohol and all the head-banging materials concentrated below. Rinse and repeat

As this process concentrates up the poisonous methanol and fusel oils the cognoscenti used to heat the raisin wine up to about 30-40c in a saucepan (i.e. leave in the sun!) and allow about a quarter of it to evaporate off. They would then freeze-distil the remainder.

I’m not sure if the Youtube was put together by a Middle East oilman but it would not surprise me if it were true.