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Some 27 odd years ago I was at my university student mates house playing Doom on the PC he managed to con his parents into getting him for his studies. Doom wasn’t on any curriculum back then as far as I know.

We’d been to the students union and were well away. All his other housemates were back home for a bank holiday weekend. Cue one massive bang. We thought someone had hit one of the cars outside his house and legged it. No damage to any cars. I wobbled the 1/2 mile or so back to my place.

About 9 am the next day I get a very hung over mate on the phone begging me to come and help him. His home brew had exploded in the kitchen and totally coated the kitchen in beer. Every single nook, crannie and in between had beer in it. Roof, floor, doors, everything was sticky and gross.

18 hours later the kitchen was clean.

If you make home brew keep a close eye on it!!!!