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The only saving grace from Boris’s announcement ( so far as the wife’s well-being and my sanity is concerned ) was that you are allowed out once a day for exercise so long as you don’t make up a group of more than 2, unless all from the same household. If you take ride into the ( not so ) nearest valleys for that exercise, who’s to say that’s outside the new regs??

I will be accompanying the wife for a walk on the beach later today, keeping the appropriate social distancing, wearing a muffler over my nose and mouth – it isn’t PPE by any stretch, but anything it’s better than nothing. On that note, as a biker, it’s likely you have one of those ‘bandido scarves with a breather hole’ that fit below the helmet, over nose and mouth, that might perform the same function for you. Just don’t choose one with a skull on it, you might be mistaken for the walking dead!!

Glad that Dad is better, and you’re at least up for going out.Good luck.