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Bob Williams
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Well thanks all of you, I have made it back on here. My typos were of course – reinstate “Bile Duct” for bike duct and “pee” for per. I was not really compos mentis when typing that on my tablet. Since gatting (to the new) home it has been a struggle, having moved in during the present crisis and having to reassemble/reposition furniture (to SWMBO’s satisfaction) at first with help from family. It is taking ages to unpack boxes, some of which are heavy, but my Gert and I can now see some wood amongst the trees. I don’t have my desktop set up yet but I have managed to clear a space in thejungle that must be the second bedroom, which will be my Man Cave.

Plusnet took days to get t’internet sorted. Eventually my IT worker gson sussed out that the problem was outside and told the OR engineer what to do and where to go. Turns out ther was a connection left on the cabinet which should not have been there. Well, that’s their story anyway…. I have everything ready for tomorrow and will launch PC Room Mk.2 on this domicile. Hopefully.

Health is still ropey but getting there and my meds intake has reduced today by one. (x3 a day) Gson has been a great help, but grassed us to his mum this morning when we went to Morrisons for necessities. Family orders that we let them shop for us. We are beginning to love our new pad: having an electronically – gated enclosure means that we can exercise around the huge car park without going out. Lots of younger people around us, which is a great change from seeing oldpharts dropping from their perches every year. We all wait until residents in ones and twos have had their stroll, before taking a turn. Still plenty of traffic about and I am giving thumbs up to truckers passing our balcony.

Many thanks to the NHS for my recovery and the fantastic, selfless work they do. :good:

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