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Bob Williams
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Dave that is a sobering link, thanks for that. Brings it all into perspective and as you say, should be the virus ad instead of that monotonous monologue from the CMO. A very worthy, professional and knowledgeable guy, but not getting the message across I fear. Shock is what some need in this country today. I know personally of no one that has the virus and I hope it stays that way, but the odds are that someone I know will suffer. I just hope it’s not a member of my family, which is to be expected from all of us I guess. Until yesterday, outside of our balcony and the whole block, we could see quite a few idiots just strolling around. Today, very few, all keeping their distance. Across from us is another block of flats, not gated as ours is. There are two vans which are each owned by two one-person businesses and they have moved perhaps 2 or 3 times over the last few days. Today they have been static and those are the people I feel sorry for: how will they earn a living for themselves and their families? Both have young children and that is no doubt a story common all over the country and the world.

Since the Morrisons visit, we have hunkered down and stayed put. Our gson has promised to fetch whatever we need. Son is coming tomorrow to lift down some heavy boxes for us to empty and fill the lounge shelves. Plenty to be getting on with and now my Man Cave is a little clearer, it means that SWMBO and I can take a short time apart for an hour or so.

JayCeeDee, that’s a sad story. Years ago I had a mate whose wife passed away leaving him to bring up two small children. The daughter stayed with dad until she married and still visits him regularly, but the son became an addict and a burglar. It broke his heart I think.

EDIT: should have said that I have no intention of being too close to our son when he arrives. He knows what is needed and we will stay out of his way until it’s done.

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