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Bob Williams
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There is a lot of shoddy build and workmanship about. My gson told me that when on electrician work experience, he was working in a big new estate near Grimsby. He could not believe the number of times he was told the equivalent of “It’ll be fine, leave it like that.” That attitude gets passed on of course.

Managed to get a fast response from the Agent and plumber is informed, probably will not come over the weekend. I have sealed off the main sink and fortunately there is a separate drain to the smaller sink. Same plumber was going to be employed to fit a new shower riser bar. I just found a receipt that shows the Agent’s office was paid for that job. I will show it to the plumber and ask if he can do that. It will be interesting to know if HE was paid for it…

Agent says “not an emergency.” Fine, says I – how would you like to be without a kitchen sink for a few days?

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