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Bob Williams
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You should swim it Bob. 👍

I ain’t submerging my ricketty old bod in that stuff! Wildfowl and gulls crap in it, it’s full of weed which is long enough to trap shaky old legs. One consolation is that there is nothing dumped in it such as supermarket trolleys and old bikes. Although there is an old fishing cabin further downstream which has been very slowly sliding down the bank for years. It was about 5 feet further up in 2003. Louth is laid back, not much happens in a hurry.

I remember the M55 in summer Steve, last time we went to Llandudno. I took a chance after a stationary 20 minutes and followed another car, didn’t stop following until I got into Llandudno via the back roads. Doubt I will remember that route again though. I would advise your lad to take the NZ option when he can choose. Oz is a lot more ‘foreign’, but he will be a Pom whichever he chooses. EDIT: if he goes to Oz, anywhere near Melbourne, I have a mate from workshop days who runs a Harley-Davidson dealership. I could intro him.

JayCeeDee, at this time of year our roads are usually gearing up for Grockles pouring into Skeg and Mablethorpe. In the winter the roads are quiet, but not as quiet as they are now. Had to go to No. 1 son’s house about 9 miles from us now and take him something by placing it on the deck and then having a Social Distance convo: bit difficult with my poor hearing. Driving those 9 miles I saw just 2 vehicles, both trucks. Coming back, 3 trucks and a police car, which totally ignored me. Maybe he was worried by me singing my head off to Elvis on the stereo.

Will there be a “normal”? I think changes are inevitable.


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