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Shenzen (China) is pretty much back to work, so if you do not mind waiting  (freight is an issue) and do not mind a quality gamble, then it may be worth looking at Alibaba for SSDs. You will need to do your own research on the brands. While Alibaba itself is a reputable company to deal with, getting RTM guarantees may result in you paying more in freight than the product is worth. This is an area where Buyer Beware holds good, and why UK middlemen need a large mark-up.


False economy John – having lived and worked in China you would be surprised just how many ‘top name’ electronics brands other than Apple are manufactured there. Most have standardised manufacturing processes and QC.

Ed, the quotes above aren’t quite contradictory, but exemplify the problems from buying from AliBaba and the like. Something is never cheap, if you have to buy it twice!! I looked on the AliBaba SSD’s you linked and it had the feeling I would be buying from a market stall. The Kingston brand appeared, but logos looked a bit off, some others were a lot cheaper, but had a minimum of two to five units, plus with other unknown brands you are taking a chance on them even doing the job reliably, as you intimated in the first quote with your research comment.

While it’s ok/irrevelant to buy an inanimate bit of plastic cheaply, a couple of well known companies have had problems with SSD’s where a cheap controller screwed the device later on, hence my initial thoughts on wanting to buy a known brand, through Amazon or a UK company. :good: