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Bob Williams
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Plumber has been today and made a great job of fitting new piping and strainers in the dual sinks, says one strainer was missing. He agrees with me that it is all due to past tenant treating the sink as a garbage disposal facility, blocking the pipes with food waste over time. I said that I had cleaned out most  of the gunk, but he just winked, fetched new piping and fitments, fitted all new. He also agreed that the last tenant must have taken it apart and refitted it incorrectly, hence the cross-threaded and insecure fittings. We had to go into another room while he worked of course, but having seen his work I cannot imagine him making those mistakes.

Then he fitted us a new riser bar on the shower, something that we paid for at sign up. He was annoyed to see the invoice for that from the Agent, as he had not been informed about it. So he went back to the factors and got the kit, fitted it. Whole of both jobs very well done and completed inside 3 hours, including two trips to the factors.

Now we can wash pots at the sink again. :yahoo:

That is, I will…

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