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Bob Williams
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Our dump Council recycling facility also closed, at exactly the wrong time for me! I had put loads of (non-corruptible) rubbish on the back garden slabs at our old home, and was planning to remove all carpets, which they ask us to do when we leave. My son and I were going to collect it all and take it to the Council facility, but Covid intervened. I have written and emailed the Housing Association Big Boss, explaining why we could not do this. So far I have nothing but a deafening silence and I do not want be charged for this. Our old bungalow was No.5 in a line of 6, connected by¬† small utility rooms. No.6 next door had died some weeks before we left and both are now still empty, or “Void Properties” in association language.

Have a feeling I will need my friendly solicitor…

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