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Bob Williams
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I mostly get deliveries by DPD and have their mobile app, but can also access it on PC. Today I had a new bathroom console delivered, DPD emailed and texted this morning to give an arrival time of 2 pm to 6 pm, with a further text from the driver to contact her when she was at the gate. Dozy me left my phone in another room and missed the text. :wacko:   Our apartment block has electric front gates and a small electromagnetic side gate. Driver phoned me from the side gate, I went out to get it with my trolley and fetched it, very heavy! Told her where the front gate was and how to contact me on landline next time. She took down the details, drove round to the front and photographed it for others.

Looks like DPD are contracting out some deliveries, this one was a Manchetts Transport truck & driver:

Driver was a young blonde and looked about 7 stone wet through. She had to drop the tail lift and leave it on the pavement for me to trolley back.. Much hassle, the trolley usually carries my toolbox, which meant I had to lift that off to get the parcel. Building it up tomorrow. Bit of an expensive time atm, we need a condenser tumble dryer and the kit to place it on the washer. The washer is plumbed in behind a cupboard, all fittings there for it, working fine although it’s a Zanussi about 12 years old. Probably jinxed it now! Then I’ve ordered a HiFi cabinet (tomorrow) and we need a new dining table & chairs. I’ve sourced all the stuff, put it all in Firefox pocket, ordering and paying is OK but I need to stage the jobs out so I can carry them all out, I’m getting on a bit now you know! ;-) Next item will be racking storage for this spare room/second bedroom, then a futon or sofa bed as SWMBO insists we need one “for the grandchildren.” Youngest is 15 this July, no chance of her sleeping over now. After Covid is done, she will return to sleepovers at her mates. Eldest is her brother at 26 and he lives in the apartment above ours.

What fun this extended move has been: finally managed to get Fire TV set up (thanks Nolan!) and the old tech DVD player also. Tomorrow or next day, HiFi plumbed in to the record deck.

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