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The dinky E10C came not long ago. It’s the same size as my tiny Hubsan but much easier to fly. Compared to the E61H it’s a very twitchy but that’s bigger so it was expected. It’s not hard to fly just needs more of a delicate touch on the inputs.

The camera is pretty good in decent light, photos and video are certainly better than expected. The micro SD card needs to be formatted as FAT32, 32GB max size. A quick format won’t do the job.

Flips are a bit more difficult to do as you have to click the right hand stick down and then select a direction with it, that could just be me though. The E61H has a dedicated button for flips but that’s the video capture start/stop button on this model.

Sample shot.

Size comparison with the E61H

I’ll get some video later on hopefully.