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I’ve also got a Sony Smart TV, and they are picky about the disks they like and those they don’t.

I printed out the section of the manual, as I knew I wouldn’t remember it!!


  • If the TV has more than one USB port, use the port labelled HDD REC.
  • Press whichever button on the remote that gets you to terrestrial TV – mine is Digital/Analogue.
  • Press HOME button on the remote, then navigate to and select Settings ( toolbox logo)
  • Select cabinet logo ( System Settings ), then Recording Set-up, then HDD Registration.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to register the USB HDD device.

You then use either the one touch record with the REC button, or go via the Guide for timer recording.

To watch recorded content, Press HOME, the navigate to and select Channels. Select Recordings, then Title, then Play.

To Delete a watched programme, Select HOME, Select Channels/Recordings/content, then press OPTIONS button on remote, then select DELETE.


Hope it’s similar or work-out-able on yours.


Good luck.