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Thanks for the replies guys: as usual, much interesting and useful information. Sorry I have not responded sooner, Been busy building up the new HiFi stand, installing the record deck and HiFi. Waiting for 2 speaker stands now.And today we went for some short exercise, then found another part of Louth that brought us out where we lived 17 years ago. Short became almost 2 hours.

I should also have mentioned that I paired up 2x Netgear PLP1000-100UKS adapters* to my network. One is connected to the router and one to the desktop here in the spare room, both giving me the Ethernet option now. It has given me much better service to the desktop and the option for Ethernet to SWMBO’s laptop, should that be necessary. I have been trying to source one more single adapter, but no one does them, which is a pita. Why not split a pair, it would actually be more cost efficient for them? They always charge more for ‘one of’ anything anyway! So I have ordered another pair, because I cannot get the TV to connect to the internet wirelessly, it just will not work although I followed the Sony manual instructions and TV is just about 12 feet away from the router, line of sight. There are two double power sockets behind the TV and an adapter there will give me Ethernet to TV, which has an Ethernet socket. Another power socket has a 4 gang extension for everything else.

JCD: my  TV is a Sony Bravia, but only a KDL 40RD45 and just HD, which is fine for us. 2x USB 2.0 ports, neither has a Hdd REC label. Thanks for the instructions, I printed out relevant pages in the manual too. I also found ‘Register – Deregister‘ when trying to get the USB stick to work: it was greyed out. Next para is why…

Dave: thanks for the explanations regarding SCSI and why the USB stick would not work. I have saved the Rufus link and will format as FAT32, unless the TV can format it for me. Although I will have to format the USB spinner before connecting it to the TV USB port as storage.

WoF: interesting info, my PC is not UEFI and the spinner Hdd has MBR.   ” Does the “registration” process also partition the disk JCD ? ” – As JCD says, no idea, but it does show “Register” or “Deregister”. I would think that if it Registers the Hdd, it actually sets it up with an MBR and a partition. I shall suck it and see, watch this space!

Nolan, I think there are proprietary differences between makes of TV. When I had a Hitachi soundbar for example, I could not get Sony Bravia Sync to work with it. Now I have a Sony soundbar, it all works seamlessly.

*I really like these Netgear adapters, pricey but better than a pair of TP-Link ones I once had, which were smaller and ran hot, then gave patchy service. The Netgear ones are larger, pass through and are hardly warm to touch. I guess you get what you pay for.


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