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Bob Williams
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Solved. I followed the Tracking map and saw that the driver was just 4 stops away from my old address. Went to my previous lovely next door neighbour’s door and (at social distance) asked her if any Yodel delivery had been to my old door. As we were speaking, a battered white van was slowly driving up the Close, hazards on. Stopped him and asked if he was a Yodel courier and had a parcel for me, showed my ID. He could hardly speak understandable English and was of Middle Eastern appearance, to my mind. Then he struggled to read my driving licence, I showed him that the name on the parcel was the same as on the licence and he gave me the parcel.

The parcel showed my new address in Louth, with the postcode from my old address. :wacko: Now this driver was already confused before he got here: he had been driving through several tiny villages along the Lincolnshire Wolds and was hopelessly lost. I suspect he was a city or large town resident and not at all at home in our rural area. What he did not need was a confusing address label and had obviously been trying to find an address by cruising the area. When I left the Close, his van was blocking the exit and he was waving his arms about in conversation on his phone.

The parcel contained the speaker stands I had ordered from   – that is my first order from them and it could possibly be my last! “Haba” is the parent company and vidaXL are an importer based in the Netherlands. If the Yodel Tracker had shown as vidaXL instead of Haba, I would have known exactly what it was. I am left wondering which part of the chain had cocked up my address: I suspect Yodel, because as a new company to me, vidaXL were given my new address, with correct postcode (I checked on their Orders). As I last had Yodel deliveries 3 years ago, they would have had my old address and postcode. How they managed to mix them up, is not a proposition that I intend to tax my brain with. :negative: :scratch:

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