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Bob Williams
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Yes Ed, I suspect a corrupted database or a faulty programmer. Not a new experience for me: a few years before Yodel sent me the parcel for the North Wales resident, my widowed neighbour over the Close came to me in a panic: Yodel had dropped a damaged and resealed parcel at her door and made off, no signature asked. I eventually found the real recipient 3 streets away and he was not best pleased to see his expensive Chinese fire screen split in 3 places. He used my statement and my neighbour’s to force Yodel into litigation, paying for a new item and compensation. The recipient was a local restaurant owner, gave us and my SWMBO a very good meal.

Sometimes it really is an Ill Wind! :good:

IME, Yodel and Hermes give very bad service. Parcelforce are not as bad as they were nowadays.

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