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That’s not the worst service I’ve had from them Bob.

A few years back, when I could still cycle a bit I ordered some new tyres for my Fat Bike. £60 each. :cry:

Had a text from Yodel saying they’d been delivered. No, they haven’t. Tried contacting them with no luck as usual.

Happened to be on a ride which took me not far from their depot so I called in to enquire about my missing parcel. ‘No idea Sir’.

On the way out I circled the depot to take another route home and saw my parcel hanging out of the bin! Empty of course. Went straight back in and called the police in front of all the poor schmucks trying to get sense out of the staff.

Because of that a very big cycle/run chain stopped using them and someone was sent down for theft and fraud and someone else was given a very long suspended sentence.

I ended up with my tyres 2 days after calling the police and a refund.