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I’ve just finished mowing the lawns, which doesn’t sound much really, but it involved me getting an old mower out of retirement, a Qualcast Classic 35S, not a bad mower in its’ day, but it’s been sitting in a shed for about 4 years after it stopped running right.

In between then and now, we’ve had a guy in to do the garden and keep the lawns tidy, but the situation now is he’s locked down and not coming for the foreseeable future.

I checked out the spark and the plug and both seemed OK, so I took the carb off and stripped it down, cleaned it out, reset the jetsĀ  to basics and now it’s running much better. The foam air filter had disintegrated, so a washing up scourer had the nylon scraped off it and trimmed to size. It’ll let the air in and keep the grass out, that’s all it needs to do for now. The cutters are a a bit intermittent, if left to their own devices, but I’ve over-adjusted the cable so they run all the time. Possible cable stretch or similar, but it’ll do for now, until I see whether it’s worth the investment for some spare parts. It’s a heavy bu**er, so my back’s playing up tonight, so I’ll take some painkillers and sleep well tonight!!

It was fun getting my hands dirty again and being a DellOrto carb reminded me of my old Ducati 250.