Reply To: TV no internet, USB not recognised. Sony Bravia KDL 40RD 453

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Bob, is THIS the item that’s no longer available, or similar to it?? I got given it by Sky to connect my old HD box ( may even have been my old Sky+ box ) to the Internet for On Demand, as my router was in another room. It connected to my router wirelessly and the ethernet plug went into the back of my Sky box. It just worked.

If the general thoughts are that it will do that for your TV, unless your Ethernet port isn’t working,  you’re welcome to it.👍


Edit – Extra thought – didn’t Dave say, in your other Topic, USB sticks don’t stream, so maybe that’s why it wouldn’t be recognised. Double check with the external drive, but try using one that has its’ own power supply. Not all disks can run off the USB socket power alone.