Reply To: TV no internet, USB not recognised. Sony Bravia KDL 40RD 453

Dave Rice
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My 2019 TV recognises a USB stick but tells you it’s not suitable for use (the streaming thing). An external HDD would need it’s own power supply, but then that applies to all situations.

The press the buttons thing on the adapters is a one time only job to get them to connect to each other securely (early plugs were open by default). Once the LED for that has lit they’re working, not that it matters if you go through the process again.

So if the Home network light is on and the Ethernet light is out then it’s the cable or the TV. If it is the Ethernet then a WiFi adapter wouldn’t work either for the same reason. BTW the Sky adapter (I had one) is nothing special, a TP-LINK TL-WA901ND in Client mode is cheaper and better.

It’s easy to check the cable by swap out and for the adapter, just move the it to your PC (you won’t have to press the buttons again). It is starting to sound like the TV but an alternative to buying another is to use a Roku or similar device to add smart functionality that only needs HDMI to be working.