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Bob Williams
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Thought I had replied to this, it’s gone. Anyway, thanks for the answers guys.

JayCeeDee: Thanks for the offer, but reading below will show that the TV ethernet port is dead. No it isn’t that Sky device. I have trawled through Sony Support website, most of which gives the same info as the Manual, but it gives the confusing information that, even though their own device is ‘no longer available’, they expressly forbid using any other device as it may damage the TV. Well thank you Sony, when I buy another it will not be branded Sony.

Dave: I have two adapters already. One is Ethernet-connected to the router, the other is two rooms and three walls away in the PC room/spare room, running the desktop via ethernet, from the adapter paired with the one on the router. I bought two more (can’t buy one, only needed one!) and tried plugging in to TV ethernet port, then pairing with the adapter on the router. No Ethernet light. Tried pairing with the desktop room adapter, no ethernet light. However, the “pick a plug” light worked, which meant they were paired ready, but ethernet did not work.

Then I tried to connect the Ext. Hdd that I had formatted EXFAT* to the TV USB port. Attempted to Register it on the TV Settings: “This USB device is not recognised.” Pretty obvious to me now that the TV Ethernet and USB ports are screwed. However, Freeview all works and so does the Fire TV, via its own WiFi receiver (another clue regarding the TV WiFi?) I don’t watch it much, but SWMBO does, is happy with it as it is, so another TV will have to wait. TV is still not turning off with the remote after being on for a couple of hours. Yet another clue! Sooner or later the TV will be borked altogether I think.

*Choice was NTFS or EXFAT. Didn’t think NTFS would work, was I wrong?

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