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AOL have been causing problems with day to day operations for some time now. Coincidentally, or not!!, from about the same time as they sent emails out to all account holders about OATH overseeing AOL, whilst still under the Verizon umbrella.

I bucked at some of their t’s and c’s but stayed on for a while, but problem after problem has led me to migrate almost completely to Gmail. AOL whinged about letting Thunderbird access their emails, the easiest method for me to collect my mail, as it wasn’t secure enough apparently, but accessing their mail page from a browser became problematic as their 2-step authorisation meant

  • Web browser
  • Start login
  • Get code by Text
  •  insert code
  • complete login

and if you clicked the wrong button by mistake it sent you a password reset link – I just got fed up. Prior to all that, having LastPass, I just clicked on the button to login in – simples!!

I’ve installed the AOL app on my phone and now at the beginning of each month I run through it, clear out the (multitude ) of cr*p and forward anything important to my gmail account, migrating each account that used aol on the login. 12 months after the start of that process I’ll close it down completely.

The sooner i’m finally rid, the better.