Reply To: App Updates – are they really necessary?

Dave Rice
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My Hudl finally ran out of steam, after the latest Hikconnect upgrade that app won’t work. I believe it’s related to Google Play services somehow. But after 6+ years and several times I thought it was dead, it’s finally time to go in the tech drawer.

I’ve replaced it with a £90 TECLAST P80X from Amazon, chosen because it had decent ratings and has a 4G sim slot. Build quality is nowhere near the Hudl but I don’t want to fork out for a Huawei or Samsung. That’s not to say it’s flimsy, just placticky, and it does have a screen protector already applied.

Type C USB and Android 9 , runs well, has all the things you’d expect and battery time OK. It’ll spend most of it’s time on a stand – Android tablets do make good CCTV monitors – so I think it’s going to last a good while.

I will be keeping the updates going though.