Reply To: App Updates – are they really necessary?

Bob Williams
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The only apps I removed on my Sony Xperia L3, was Sony’s own “News Suite” and Google News. Both are always way behind other sources such as Reuters and even the BBC. I see no point in getting notifications for news reports I read a day or two before from a faster, up to date source.

Dave, I had retired the Hudl I got from Nolan after making sure it was reset. I had bought a Lenovo Tab 3-8″ 3 years ago and wanted the Hudl2 for ‘insurance’. Now the Lenovo is quite frankly a complete pita, slow and sluggish even after I applied all the fixes and reduced¬† internal and SD storage. Battery is dying: replacements vary from ¬£14.49 (cheapest) to almost ¬£40. Hudl has an almost new battery and I have in the past repaired my granddaughter’s Hudl by using two “sold as seen” from ebay and her own, cannibalising all 3 to make one, which is still working. I also put a new charger and charging port in that one, they are cheap enough from ebay. Gdaughter calls it “Frankenhudl”!

So I know the Hudl quite well, not afraid to delve into its innards, in fact I enjoy that. I also think that the Hudl camera is better than the Lenovo and the screen res seems better, although the spec’s don’t bear that out. It’s certainly quicker, so I will be setting it back up soon as. If you have no intention of using your Hudl and it still has usable parts, I would be happy to take it off your hands. Let me know what you want for it and we can work something out with P&P. I am interested in seeing how far into the future I can take my Hudl.

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