Reply To: Three 4G better through a VPN

Dave Rice
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The browser doesn’t make any real difference and neither does the bandwidth testing, it’s always more than adequate. Time of day makes the biggest difference so it must be traffic related in some way, which is reflected in the bandwidth speeds, but as I’ve said it’s never really slow.

The best way to explain is it a terrible lag to get onto a website then everything seems to be OK, for a while. The lag can be so bad that the browser errors with empty response. Let’s say you’re going to Ubuntu to get the latest ISO, time out getting connected to the website, which sorts itself out in a second or two, get to the download page and it soon gets up to the download speed you’d expect and generally stays there. Let it finish, connect to a different website and trouble again. Or may be not.

Sometimes Netflix is affected and if it is it’s unusable with continual buffering. iPlayer the same if not worse, but generally they’re both OK and the issues are always in the evening. Do a bandwidth test and there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

So traffic related for sure, but why then does a VPN help? If it was bandwidth shaping the VPN would be affected too. If it was level 7 sniffing then a network test on a different device at the time would be affected as well, it’s generally not.¬†Even with a VPN I have to get all the way through the ISP’s networks to get to Docklands, unless it has it’s own feed somehow that bypasses some of the ISP network.

Three is worse than TalkTalk FTTC but both can be affected, so I think I can rule out my networks as each is air gapped and use totally different hardware. It’s a weird one.