Reply To: Three 4G better through a VPN

Dave Rice
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Yep, that’s all any VPN is. There’s an article in this month’s computer shopper about making a home VPN server using a Pi – not difficult and basically what I’ve done in the cloud – but it has the code to route all outgoing traffic on to a commercial VPN, in this case Nord.

So the topology is that your device connects wirelessly to the PI via a VPN then onto another VPN between the Pi and a cloud VPN server. I just need to nick the code that does the forwarding. Whilst I have a good idea what it will entail I don’t have the knowledge to do it from scratch.

Adapting this approach may be the answer to linking devices to the internet en masse via a VPN without needing the router to do anything other than route. I have a spare Pi and can also create VMs of any o/s, it’s working out the IP end that I need to get my head around.