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Ios is the platform it isn’t on, and that’s because of apples rules regarding the way apps are allowed (or not) to sell products through them.

Basically, if you haven’t got much clout, you want be allowed to sell through your app. However it wouldn’t be hard for G force to get around this give its a subscription service. So it has two options, 1. When the app first starts ask if you have an account, if not tell tlyo you have to go to Gforce site to cheat a site (couch set up the sub), then go back to a app and sign in.

2. (the proper way) When the app first starts ask if your a new or existing customer, if not let you create an account in the apple app and set up the sub in in the app also. This just means apple will take their 20% of Ā£5 Month. Usually the company in question will charge you the customer the majority of the 20% extra that they lose.

Given they haven’t launched on ios, their biggest potentialĀ  market yet may say they arnt planning on, or it may be G Force using the windows and android market as beta testers. This isn’t as bad as it sounds as both them markets arnt as picky as the ios lot. Mainy down to ios apps are usually done that bit better. And they don’t have the gulf of geeky apps that one needs patienceĀ  for.

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