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JayCeeDee, you are right, I had huge problems finding any way to write anything and the only way was as you found. Today I appear able to respond to your query. I have copied my explanation, and though it was addressed to Bob it applies to all who were concerned for my welfare. I am aware that the present problems are hard for all – the impact on each is different and it is taking time for the full effects to appear. Perhaps when lockdown eases for some the problems will appear, and for some a long time later. Whether we like it or not we will all find we have been changed and some will have been terribly damaged.

Bob, thank you for taking a keen personal interest in my state of health. It has been difficult this year, and it is not yet done. We are shielding. My wife is OK, and though I do try to get out with daughter’s dog, trying to control various issues with my blood pressure, they are making life trying in addition to my other health quibbles. Daughters are OK-ish; elder is buried under Coronavirus testing loads at a large hospital, younger daughter is at a loose end; her college is shut, so toys may have left the pram. We have unfixable issues there. I struggle to decide a way forward for her. I am not alone in having gremlins to face down, I know others have as much, some, have many times more trouble. For the moment I fix what I can, for the rest I am withdrawing.
Thank you for caring, take care, keep safe, retain your family values.