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Bob Williams
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Very pleased you made contact Richard and I have a lot of sympathy for the troubles with your daughter. Having one severely dyslexic grandson, and another who is a MENSA genius but has Aspergers, I know from past history with the boys, the pressures you may be experiencing. Dyslexic gson only causes a problem for his single parent dad when he stays in his room on the PC and TV, due to being out of work from Fantasy Island, the entertainment complex near Butlins Skegness. Aspergers gson was a big problem when younger, his dad being long gone and myself having to fill that gap. It took time, lots of tough love and repetitive life lessons, but he has held down a great IT job since he was 18, is now 26 and has his own apartment. Which is in fact the one above ours, as we have left the village which was our home for 17 years and moved into a secure, gated apartment block in Louth, near the River Lud. Senior gson is now working from home and has made himself available for any help. We feel blessed that we have a good family: yesterday our son came and secured the new tumble dryer onto the washer.

I wish I could offer you a way forward with your daughter: is there no online learning/activity that she could use?

We all hope that you manage your troubles, you and your family stay safe and well. Many of us are obviously concerned about you and I think a PM to one of us now and again, with a short message, would allay some of that concern. Take care, stay safe.

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