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Yesterday my First Person View version of the E61H (the larger blue one) arrived. This is the E61HW.

It has a 0.9 MP camera, not the 0.3 it’s meant to have. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your phone and you can control the cameras function from the app. You can also fly it using the app. Other than a tiny ariel it looks identical to the non-camera version.

The camera version weighs a massive 2 grams more, uses the exact same batteries and flies a bit more stable but the batteries don’t last as long. That’s the weight. Really impressed with video quality in good light, in the semi gloom of my living room it works for me but I can see most people not finding it bright enough.

I also have a big one on the way for if we are ever allowed out when and where we want to. Mine is the 4K, searchlight and 3 batteries package. Due in about 2 weeks.